Monday, January 27, 2014

Seriously Cold Weather

I know I can sometimes annoy you readers in the temperate zones with my not-so-subtle reminders that I live in a subtropical climate and that a cold day is when it’s in the 60’s F, but the train of winter storms and sub-Arctic cold across a lot of the country is no joke, especially for those of you who are susceptible to cold-weather health issues.

Via Weather Underground, here comes another one.

We are watching for the potential for a potentially major winter storm to affect a long swath of the Deep South this week – including places better known for their beaches, balmy breezes and hurricanes. This will include some of the areas affected by Winter Storm Kronos just last week – but it includes millions of people farther east as well.

The threat stems from the combination of a bitterly cold arctic air mass plunging southward behind a sharp cold front, while moisture streams northward from the Gulf Coast. As the moisture crosses into the cold air behind the front, a swath of frozen and freezing precipitation is likely to break out.

Already, the National Weather Service in Charleston, S.C. has issued winter storm watches for the South Carolina Lowcountry and parts of southeast Georgia, including Charleston and Savannah, Ga. It’s the first winter storm watch issued for those two cities since Feb. 11, 2010.

These are just part of a swath of winter storm watches stretching from southeast North Carolina to southeast Texas. In fact, the National Weather Service has issued a winter storm watch for Houston for the second time in just five days.

Stay inside, stay warm, and cuddle up with your pets if you have them.

4 barks and woofs on “Seriously Cold Weather

  1. It is about 10 degrees here, and it will get colder all day. We had more snow on Saturday so nothing will melt. This winter has been awful. I will appreciate spring very much.

  2. Well, we’re not only looking at below zero weather but a shortage of propane, which is the only realistic way to heat and cook out here in the woods. We do have a wood stove, but it’s good for supplemental heat only…Utilities are telling us to keep the thermostat at 60 and try to avoid cooking. It’s not like I can just run down the street for Thai takeout so it’s a bad situation.

  3. I am 15 mins. from the Mexican border and we are expecting a low temperature in the 30’s tonight. Some computer models are saying we may get snow flurries and sleet; brrr. We had the same thing here Friday. It was 66 when I got back from my laps at 9am; but it is bad news the rest of the day.

  4. Up here in Manysnowta, it’s -23°, winds are blowing at 23 mph, and the wind chill is -42° The sun is shining though!

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