Saturday, February 15, 2014

Orchid Blogging

This is not to neener, neener those of you covered in snow and ice.  This is to remind you that spring and warm weather are coming.

Vanda orchid in bloom.

Vanda orchid in bloom.

3 barks and woofs on “Orchid Blogging

  1. Yeah, rub it in. We have a six foot snow bank on our deck in Grand Lake CO. On the other hand, it’s 40 degrees at 9AM Mountain time and no wind. Lots of snow for the people who rent gravity to the Bi-Coastals.

    We are halfway between Winter Park and Steamboat Springs ski places. Everybody come on out and bring your credit cards! Lots of snow and it’s not freezing.

    Lots of cannabis too if that’s your thing. Colorado’s got it all!

  2. GL, you’re in a beautiful place that I love very much and have great memories of skiing at both WP and Steamboat, plus summers in RMNP as a camp counselor. Wave to Longs Peak for me.

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