Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Question of the Day

Via Julie after seeing a photo of my grandmother posted on my Facebook page to honor her 111th birthdate:

What is the oldest photograph you have?

I don’t have the original, but I think the oldest one I have a copy of is of my great-grandmother on my father’s side.

Althea Drumm WilliamsI have no idea when it was taken, but it had to be sometime in the 1870’s.

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  1. Around 1900. I have the original photos of my maternal great-grandparents and their very young kids. The paper is faded and very fragile. Probably too late to preserve them.

  2. The oldest one I can put a data on is circa 1900, of my grandmother and her two sisters. There are several older ones, probably 1860s or -70s, but I do not have dates for those.

  3. I was reading about some of the crazy things that reference librarians have to cope with. Someone asked a librarian for photos of Jesus!! It was an adult, not a kid making the request.

  4. I have a digital copy of an original (still in the family) of one of my great‑grandfathers. Accompanying it is a religious poem he wrote, which is not too surprising, as he was a Methodist minister.

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