Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Moon and Venus

Via David Dickinson at Universe Today, there was celestial pas de deux between the Moon and Venus this morning.  Here’s a shot from my camera phone of the meeting over Miami.

Moon & Venus 02-26-14

That little red dot up and to the right of the crescent moon is Venus.  The pictures at the link above are much better.

Speaking of photos, about a year ago a friend sent me a photo of a young man whom she thought looked like what she imagined one of the characters in one of my plays looked like.  I didn’t know where she got it; I assumed it was either in the public domain or that she had taken it herself.  I later used the photo in a blog post.  The other day I got an e-mail from the subject of the photo asking me to remove it since I didn’t have his permission to use it.  I immediately complied with his request and apologized.

I have resolved from now on to try to avoid using photos that either I didn’t take or can’t locate the source, and to include a credit or link where possible.  Good advice in this ever-expanding digital age; I know how I’d feel if someone used my work without credit or permission.

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