Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Welcome to Earth

Just like the end of Star Trek: Voyager, a group of Republican congresspeople have returned to the Alpha Quadrant after being lost in space since 2001.

Forty-three Republicans have co-sponsored the resolution since Obama’s State of the Union address, where he threatened to enact policies if Congress didn’t act.

The Stop This Overreaching Presidency (STOP) measure, introduced by Rep. Tom Rice (R-S.C.), now has 104 co-sponsors, including Senate GOP hopeful Reps. Jack Kingston (Ga.), James Lankford (Okla.), Steve Stockman (Texas), Paul Broun (Ga.), Steve Daines (Mont.) and Phil Gingrey (Ga.).

In an interview with The Hill, Rice explained the STOP resolution is aimed at reversing Obama’s delay of the employer mandate, enactment of the Dream Act, extension of “substandard” health insurance plans and ending work requirements for welfare.

Two things: first, it’s nice that all of a sudden these folks actually care about the successful implementation of Obamacare since up to now their Earth-bound colleagues have been trying to repeal every word of it.  Second, if they think that Barack Obama is overreaching his duties as chief executive, they would have been apoplectic about the scope and extent of what President Bush and Vice President Cheney, who once described the Bush administration as the “fourth branch of government,” did when they were in office.

Hence the speculation that these fair-minded individuals who care so much about the balance of power and co-equality of government were in another sector of the galaxy when all of that was going on.  Welcome home.  There’s a lot we need to tell you about.

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