Monday, February 3, 2014

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During the breaks in the Law & Order SVU marathon on USA last night, I switched over to catch bits and pieces of the Superb Owl, so I missed out on some of the commercials.  (If you are a Broncos fan, those were the best part of the show, right?)  That means I missed the one for Coca Cola where people sang “America the Beautiful” in various languages.

Well, you know that wouldn’t sit well with the nutsery.  Twitter exploded with xenophobia from folks who, with little sense of irony, have very little command of the English language.  Threats of boycotts, switching to Pepsi, and of course the ever-popular “fuck you Coke” made the hit parade.

Can you imagine what it would have been like if they’d run this Coke classic from 1971?  It talks about “buying the world a Coke” and singing “in perfect harmony.”  And it was filmed on a hillside in Italy.  Horrors!

Meanwhile, no one seems upset that the legendary counterculture icon Bob Dylan made a commercial for Chrysler.  Which, by the way, is owned by the Italians.

One bark on “Your Ad Here

  1. The Coke ad was nice, but even seeing it, (because surprise we DID watch after all — the opera singer doing Nat’l Anthem drew me in like a fly to a spider’s web) we all commented about Nutzoid Right Wingtard heads exploding like fireworks. Different languages, different colors, different religions…oh MY, they really would prefer lions, and tigers, and bears.

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