Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Borg Eviction Notice

I got an interesting piece of spam yesterday, apparently from the Borg:

Notice of eviction,

Please be advised that your current dwelling has been condemned.

The eviction proceedings are already in process. You are hereby ordered to vacate the premises no later than 03/21/2014 or face forcible removal. Any attempt to resist is futile.

Contact our office without delay to make proper arrangements for a move out.

We want to hope for you cooperation.

Our contact details and judicial statement are enclosed to this notice.

Real estate agency,

Ruth Tailor

There were no contact details or judicial statement enclosed.  But I googled Ruth Tailor

Seven_of_nineI will be assimilated.

5 barks and woofs on “Borg Eviction Notice

  1. I don’t look at my spam much. This seems to be a whole level of aggression above the polite word salad from Nigeria that wants to give you money. I wish someone would follow it up to reveal the structure of the con.

  2. That’s a really marvelous spam. Why did you follow it up? Did you recognize the name from your StarTrek obsessive days?

    • The line that got me was “Any attempt to resist is futile.” That was the Borg’s mantra: “You will be assimilated into the collective. Resistance is futile.”

  3. I’ve received several of these beginning January 10th for which I have setup my two ( @sbcglobal.net) email accounts to redirect them to my Spam folder.

    The IP address indicates a Time Warner server is being used. However, I am not 100% certain this is valid — although it could be.

    I have sent a spam report w/the full header to the Time Warner email addy at abuse@rr.com and get a reply that they will investigate.

    What is especially curious is the spammer is possibly spoofing the city and state of their ISP based on their IP address — e.g., Milwaukee, WI (1/10), Brooklyn, NY (2/22), Rochester, NY (3/3) and Rialto, CA (3/5).

    This is a first for me that a spammer (who may be offshore) has found a way to spoof his IP address to indicate an American city. Hmmm.

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