Thursday, March 20, 2014

Lost and Found

History takes a beating at Fox News.

Fox News host Bill Hemmer on Wednesday referenced a peculiar hoax in order to help explain just how long it might take to find the missing Malaysian Airlines jet.

“So what it took us what 100 years to find the Titanic? It took us 2,000 years to find Noah’s Ark. Do we ever find flight 370?” Hemmer asked his guest, aviation attorney Salvatore Lagonia.

Lagonia didn’t seem to think it would take that long.

“Oh, I think we find flight 370 much sooner than those two things, thank God,” Lagonia said. “Until then, it’s the greatest reality show in the world.”

Some claim they found remnants of Noah’s Ark in Turkey, however that has been debunked by multiple scientists.

Well, first, it didn’t take 100 years to “find” the Titanic.  It took 73 years (1912-1985), and it wasn’t really lost in the first place; we knew approximately where it was the whole time.  It took that long to develop a submersible that could go down to 12,000 feet underwater.

Second, no one’s ever found Noah’s Ark because it’s a fable.  It’s like saying “Well, it took 2,000 years for Gollum to find the One Ring.”  So unless Mr. Hemmer was being clever with his metaphors, he should stick to reporting about the latest unicorn sightings.

3 barks and woofs on “Lost and Found

  1. So 239 people who are probably dead are “the greatest reality show in the world”? Somebody needs an empathy transplant.

  2. Among his other queries was whether it could have been swallowed by a black hole.
    I would submit that the evidence for the existence of a black hole resides between the ears of Mr. Hemmer.

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