Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Not So Jolly About Jolly

There’s a special election over on the other coast of Florida today to fill the Congressional seat left vacant by the death of Bill Young.  The contenders are Republican David Jolly and Democrat Alex Sink.  Mr. Jolly’s career includes being a Washington lobbyist while Ms. Sink was the Democratic candidate for governor in 2010 who lost narrowly to Rick Scott.

Given the part of the state, it will be a close race.  But according to Rachel Maddow, the Republicans are bracing themselves for a loss and are already prepared to blame it all on their own candidate.

Over the course of the past week, she said, members of the National Republican Congressional Committee have been trying to throw former lobbyist David Jolly “under a bus that has not yet even arrived,” going to Politico anonymously and complaining about his “inept fundraising” and “Keystone Cops operation,” and going so far as to scold Jolly over the “bad optics” of being a 41-year-old candidate with a 27-year-old girlfriend.

“Republicans in Washington are feeding details like that to the Beltway press about their own candidate?” Maddow asked in surprise. “Dude hasn’t even lost yet. The election isn’t until tomorrow. What happens if he wins?”

Jolly is currently locked in a tight race with former state Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink. Raw Story had reported that Republicans came under fire for setting up a fake website made to look like it was soliciting donations for Sink, when in fact it was part of a network of sites suckering people into giving money to GOP candidates. The websites were subsequently revised.

Reuters reported on Sunday that Republicans were basing their strategy on trying to undermine Sink for supporting the health care law, commonly known as “Obamacare,” a strategy that Maddow said could backfire if she wins, since Democrats would be all too happy to call it a bellwether for this year’s midterm elections.

Not that I want him to win or anything, but it would be funny to see what happens with his relationship with the NRCC if he does and then has to run again in the fall.  Talk about awkward.

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