Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Oops, Gotta Go

Via the Orlando Sentinel:

A telephone press conference featuring Lt. Governor Carlos Lopez-Cantera was abruptly ended Monday morning after reporters kept asking about the departure of Mike Fernandez from the Gov. Rick Scott re-election campaign, rather than about the new TV commercial the campaign was launching.

Lopez-Cantera took one question on the commercial, then three straight about Fernandez, whom the Miami Herald reported quit the Scott campaign after an incident involving campaign staffers allegedly joking around with Mexican accents.

When a third reporter asked about the issue, he said he was there to talk about the commercial. Then Republican Party of Florida Communications Director Susan Hepworth closed the press conference, saying, “I think that’s all the time we have for today,” ending the press conference after just 17 minutes.

Lopez-Cantera said he believed there was no basis for the allegations reported in the Miami Herald.

On Friday, the Miami Herald reported that Fernandez, a Coral Gables billionaire who was Let’s Get To Work’s campaign finance co-chairman and biggest recent contributor, raised concerns about campaign associates “joking around in over-the-top Mexican accents” during a campaign trip. Fernandez quit the campaign, the Herald reported.

And the outreach continues.

One bark on “Oops, Gotta Go

  1. Another sensitive billionaire. We Americans, of all stripes, sure are touchy. Unless, of course, working/lower class white people are the butt of the joke and malice – then it’s o.k. Am I the only one who notices that?

    I must be in a bad mood today as I am so tired of the window dressing being scrutinized but the crumbliing foundation being ignored. I.e., all upset about Mexican accents but not too worried about working conditions and labor law for all colors.

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