Friday, March 14, 2014

Pure Michigan Madness

When did the Michigan legislature go completely medieval?

Michigan residents who buy health coverage in the private marketplace after Thursday will not have access to abortion coverage, even if a pregnancy is the result of rape or incest.

On that day, a new state law goes into effect that prohibits insurance companies from covering abortion services unless customers purchase separate add-ons – called riders – to their insurance plans ahead of time.

No insurance companies will be offering those riders to new customers in the private marketplace after Thursday, according to the state’s Department of Insurance and Financial Services.

This is insane.  I cannot fathom the mentality of people who believe this is anything but a horrific way of trying to prevent abortions.  It has nothing to do with “preserving life.”  It is all about control and the belief that women are incapable of making decisions about their own bodies and their own lives.

The people who passed this monstrosity and the governor who signed it into law can whine and carry on about how they are all so “pro-life,” but the kind of life they seem to favor is that of cruelty, shaming, and smug patriarchy couched in the sickly sweet stench of religious fervor and bumper-sticker answers.

Rape and incest are things the state needs to use every weapon to defend its citizens against, not turn its back and say “Sorry, you’re on your own.”

3 barks and woofs on “Pure Michigan Madness

  1. They care only about life before it’s born. After that, kid, you’re on your own. Pull yourself up by your baby shoe straps and get a job.

    And BTW: whether a woman has or has not been raped or whether or not her brother or uncle Joe got her pregnant all are good reasons for providing her a way to escape the results, but the fact is women should make these decisions on their own. There are other urgent reasons she’d chose to end a pregnancy all of which deserve privacy and respect and no interference from political hacks. Widen your outrage.

  2. These idiots… Nationwide they think that making abortion hard to get will make it go away? No, it will just make it dangerous.

    And don’t me get started on “Choose Life”. Many women would like to — IF YOU GAVE THEM A CHOICE!!

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