Tuesday, March 25, 2014

“The Good Wife” Surprise Ending

[Spoiler alert.  Skip this post if you haven’t seen Sunday night’s episode.]

I’ve been watching the CBS series The Good Wife since halfway through the first season and caught up on it all in re-runs (thank you, TiVo).  As other fans of the show know, Sunday night’s episode was a bit of a shocker: Will Gardner, played by Josh Charles, was shot and killed.

I was surprised not just because I liked the character, but I didn’t think that a TV series such this one would have the guts to kill off a major character, and I mean killing him off literally.  It’s not the first time it’s happened — NCIS wrote off Sasha Alexander’s character with a bullet to the forehead — but usually they do it with less finality: they marry them off, send them to another location, or something that offers the possibility of “Special Guest Appearance” in upcoming episodes.

The producers felt compelled to explain the killing in an open letter to their fans, but from a dramatic standpoint I think it was a valid and well-done action.

The network previewed upcoming episodes which had another shocker: It was a hell of a way to find out that NBC has cancelled “The Michael J. Fox Show.”

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  1. The death of a principal character happens when his/her contract runs out or he has a couple of other opportunities elsewhere. The husband of one of the two most prominent characters in Downton Abbey was run over by a car and died instantly, tragically. This allowed the beautiful widow to dress in weeds and mourn for the next three or four segments of the show. I’m happy to report she’s recovering and being pursued by several eligible suitors.

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