Monday, March 10, 2014

They’ll Let Anybody In Here

President and Mrs. Obama spent this past weekend at the exclusive Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo.  Oh my, were the pearls clutched.

Meanwhile, says the Key West Citizen, “some members of the solidly Republican enclave have expressed outrage about the pending visit.”

The newspaper quotes an email from residents Joe and Fran Murphy who say that Obama “has done nothing but degrade and punish the ‘one percent’ of Americans who have done the most for this country.”

“To have a man here who hates us, who has divided America along racial lines, hates people who have been successful in life by hard work and determination is an affront to the membership,” the email to Ocean Reef Club board members continues. “He despises what we have achieved, and would love to have the government open our gates to whomever would like to come into our lovely conservative community.”

Shorter version: “How dare they allow colored people in here!”

To be fair, they do allow people of color into the Ocean Reef Club.  They wear white coats, serve drinks, and change the towels at the pool.