Thursday, March 13, 2014

You Say Benghazi, I Say Beirut

Oliver North wants Congress to impeach President Obama over Benghazi.

Oliver North, the Reagan administration National Security Council staffer who became a conservative hero because of his role in the Iran-Contra scandalsaid last week that President Obama could be impeached for his handling of issues including the Benghazi attack because unlike in Benghazi, “nobody died in Iran-Contra.”


“Tragically, this administration has gotten away with things that any other president would have been impeached for, there’s no doubt in my mind,” North said.

Take it from a guy who sold weapons to a sworn enemy in order to raise money to arm death squads in Nicaragua to have a perspective on justice and getting away with things.

Mr. North served a president who sent the Marines to Lebanon and got more than 240 of them killed when a truck bomb struck their barracks.  Congress immediately voted to impeach Ronald Reagan, which is how we got George H.W. Bush as president.  Right?

One bark on “You Say Benghazi, I Say Beirut

  1. If Reagan’s the standard, I’m not sure what kind of offense it would take to get a president impeached. Oh, wait–having an affair with an intern!

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