Monday, April 21, 2014

David Brooks’ Manhood Problem

If that headline isn’t enough to make you shudder, then perhaps you shouldn’t hear that the poor pundit was really going there in talking about President Obama.

And, let’s face it, Obama, whether deservedly or not, does have a (I’ll say it crudely) but a manhood problem in the Middle East: Is he tough enough to stand up to somebody like Assad, somebody like Putin? I think a lot of the rap is unfair. But certainly in the Middle East, there’s an assumption he’s not tough.

What is with Republicans and conservatives’ obsession with other people’s sex organs, literally and figuratively?  They’re like 12-year-old boys with this fixation.

By the way, not that it proves anything, but let’s ask Osama bin Laden about how tough Barack Obama is, and he didn’t have to butch it up by striding across the deck of an aircraft carrier in a flight suit.

One bark on “David Brooks’ Manhood Problem

  1. Oh, shoot! You beat me to the “walking” thing. I was ready to suggest that maybe Obama could start walking funny (a la Bush and John Wayne) and the Republicans could interpret that as maxed out masculinity. Snarky, snarky. 🙂

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