Friday, April 4, 2014

David Letterman

I don’t stay up late enough to watch late-night TV; I think the last time I stayed up to watch an entire episode of one of those shows was the night Johnny Carson retired.  So it didn’t come as big news to me yesterday when David Letterman announced that he was retiring from his show next year.

I have seen a lot of clips from his show over the years, though, and he’s funny all right in that deadpan Midwestern style that is up there on a level with some of the more notable comics I admire.  But a few people are comparing him favorably to Johnny Carson, calling him a “force of nature” on a par with the Beatles in terms of changing how we see late-night comedy.  Really?

As I said, I never watched an entire episode of his show, so I leave it to you to tell me if I missed out on something.

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  1. I have been a pretty faithful watcher of Letterman. Usually Russ is in the kitchen hollering that’s not funny. I told Russ 3 days after Fallon took over that Letterman would be gone in two years. I truly think he has had better days; sometimes he reminds of having Alzheimer’s. However, good luck to Dave.

  2. I like his humor in very small doses. Too dry for me.

    Fallon is hitting the ball out of the park, lengthening the lead he was handed by Leno. Clearly applying pressure. This is hardly a surprise.

  3. I truly think that Dave was just waiting for Leno to actually exit before he announced his retirement. I love Dave and always have and think his acerbic wit is perfect for late night (so did Johnny Carson, btw). But he is 67 years old, has a kid, and would probably like some down time for a change.

  4. Recorded Letterman for years to watch in the AM and, yeah, you missed out on a great comedian and moderate liberal who gave a lot of emerging bands exposure on his show. Wasn’t quite the monolith that Johnny was but was a fearless interviewer who dared go where no one else would.

    You still have a year or so to catch him.

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