Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Don’t Want To Hear It

The case that launched the anti-gay discrimination bill in Arizona and several other states has been turned down for a hearing by the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court refused on Monday to be drawn into the spreading controversy over the right of business firms to refuse to serve gay and lesbian customers, turning aside the appeal of a New Mexico photography studio and its owners.  The Court made no comment as it denied review of Elane Photography v. Willock, involving a refusal to photograph a lesbian couple’s wedding-style ceremony.

That doesn’t mean that in the future another case might make it through to the Court, but for now, it’s a good thing to know that businesses that are open to the public don’t have the right to turn people away based on their sexual orientation.  At least in New Mexico.

One bark on “Don’t Want To Hear It

  1. It’s ridiculous! You are in business to make money. So does it make sense that you are so damn sensitive that you refuse gay couples? Stupid!

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