Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Haven’t Heard The Last Of It

Now that President Obama has done his victory lap in getting more than 7 million people to sign up for health insurance through Obamacare, that’s pretty much it for it being a campaign issue in November, right?  According to Rachel Maddow and a lot of other hope-filled Democrats, the numbers should put the kibosh on it.

You wish.  The Republicans will do whatever it takes to keep up the demonization for as long as they can.  They will find anecdotes of someone who refused to sign up because they hate the guvamint and now have chronic sinusitis and it’s all Obama’s fault, or they heard about someone’s aunt who was tortured by a death panel.  After all, these are the folks who brought you 24 hours a day of Benghazi! and Rand Paul is dredging up Monica Lewinsky, f’r Dog’s sake.

So if you think you’ve heard the last of GOP hating on Obamacare, you haven’t heard anything yet.

One bark on “Haven’t Heard The Last Of It

  1. I participate in the YouGiv surveys. The one on healthcare asked if the law was a success, and 40% said a complete failure, similar number said it should be repealed. Number of people who had gone to, even if just to poke around? 12%.

    Hate it, hate it. Hate it… But know only what I hear on Fix News.

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