Thursday, April 3, 2014

Jumping The Gun

Even before the most basic facts were known about yesterday’s shooting at Fort Hood in Texas that left four dead and sixteen wounded, at least one of the right-wingnuts shot off their mouth via Twitter:

Muslim massacre Twit 04-02-14In this case, the shooter wasn’t a Muslim, had no ties to terrorism, and was being treated for PTSD after serving in Iraq.

But why let facts get in the way of your racist psychopathy?

2 barks and woofs on “Jumping The Gun

  1. Before the grand jihad against Xtians/Capitalism/lycra, it was Agenda 21 confiscating Ahmurrcan’s cars and making everyone ride bicycles and breathe clean air. Before that it was la Reconquista to make the US all-Mexican-all-the-time and kicking good Xtian retirees out of their double-wides in AZ, and before that it was the Irish bringing Catholicism, whisky and bad work habits. And before all that it was the heathen Injuns squatting on land Ahmurrcans had rightfully laid claim to by sailing over and planting a flag on it. The wingnuts have always been under attack, usually from groups responding to the wingnuts’ own entitled behavior: this is just the latest iteration.

    It strikes me that LGBT is a “choice” for them the same as the others were: the fault lay as much in the threat group’s faith as much as their ethnicity. Catholics, Muslims and Native Americans are subjects for Xtian conversion, so the latest threat must needs be treated the same way.

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