Friday, April 4, 2014

Keeping Score

A few weeks ago a religious charity called World Vision came out in favor of being nice to gay couples.  The right-wingers carried on as if their home was in a tree and a lot of outraged alleged Christians said they would no longer contribute to the charity because depriving people of food and shelter in the third world is what Jesus would do.  They shrieked loud enough that Richard Stearns, the head of the organization, reversed course: it will no longer hire people who are in same-sex marriages.

Then this week it was revealed that Brendan Eich, the CEO of Mozilla, the foundation that created the Firefox browser, donated money to support the Prop 8 campaign in California.  This led to a call from dating website OkCupid to boycott Mozilla.  After enough shouting, Mr. Eich announced that he was resigning from the company.

In both cases the outcry became the story, and what’s even more entertaining is that the Religious Righties who tweeted and flailed about Mr. Stearn’s blasphemy turned right around and accused OkCupid of being “fascists” and the “GAYSTAPO” as if they have absolutely no self-awareness at all.

I use Firefox as my main browser.  I have for years, and because one of the executives at the company gave money to a cause I don’t agree with isn’t enough of a reason for me to stop using it.  I am sure there are a lot of companies or organizations that I patronize that do things I don’t like; everyone from my grocery store to the phone company to the lawn guy with the ragged old McCain/Palin bumper sticker on his truck.

This is one of the reasons boycotting a company can be problematic: you have to be really good at remembering who you got mad at a couple of weeks ago and be very consistent in telling other people what to do — or not to do.

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    • Chrome is faster, if you don’t mind being tracked as you browse. No thanks. Firefox is fast enough for all reasonable purposes. And if I feel neglected, I just think of the NSA; they follow everyone, even to the bathroom…

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