Thursday, April 24, 2014

So Long, Rand Paul

Any chances that Rand Paul had of winning the base of the GOP are basically over.

As Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) ponders a presidential bid, he has lately made efforts to wrap himself in the banner of Ronald Reagan. In op-eds and speeches, the libertarian tea partier has increasingly invoked the Republicans’ most holy icon, especially after being attacked by members of his party’s establishment who have accused him of isolationism. Writing in the Washington Post last week, Paul likened his nuanced approach to foreign policy to what he claimed was Reagan’s embrace of “strategic ambiguity.” A few days earlier, at a so-called “Freedom Summit” in New Hampshire, Paul hailed Reagan as the last president who presided over the creation of millions of jobs, asserting that after the Gipper lowered tax rates, 20 million jobs were created and “more revenue came in.” ( concluded that Paul was “falsifying evidence”—and ignoring that more jobs were created during President Bill Clinton’s tenure when tax rates went up.) But Paul hasn’t always cast himself as much of a Reagan fan. In fact, when he stumped for his father in 2008 and again when ran for Senate in 2010, Paul often referred to the grand old man of the GOP with a touch of disappointment and criticism. And he routinely made an assertion that might seem like blasphemy to many Republicans: President Jimmy Carter had a better record on fiscal discipline than Reagan.

Not only is he trashing the reputation of “Ronald Reagan,” he’s saying nice things about Jimmy Carter.  Jimmy Carter.  He might as well have been caught eating off Michelle Obama’s salad bar.

Mr. Paul’s response — short version: It’s the Democrats’ fault St. Ronald signed all those tax increases.

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  1. Crazy as Paul is, it is apparent he isn’t crazy enough — I mean, Nixon couldn’t get the GOP nod today, for pity’s sake! Nor, for that matter, could Reagan because these days they have gone so far right they could bump into Franco.

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