Monday, April 21, 2014

Up Denial River

George F. Will can be so darn cute sometimes.

Fox News contributor George Will on Sunday argued that the United States Supreme Court had inadvertently made President Barack Obama’s health care reform law unconstitutional when the justices ruled that it was not unconstitutional.


“On May 8, here in the second-most important court in the land — the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals — there will be an argument that this is objectively a revenue measure,” Will explained. “The Supreme Court said as much, a tax measure.”

“It did not originate in the House. And under the standards of origination, the whole thing is unconstitutional,” he added. “So this argument, again, is far from over.”

Of course by “cute” I mean pathetically laughable.

One bark on “Up Denial River

  1. The tax angle was the argument of ONE of the five justices who voted that ACA was constitutional. Anyway, I thought it was just spending bills that had to originate in the House.

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