Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Class Act

This is really cute.

When Talia Maselli envisioned her perfect prom date, one man immediately sprang to mind: Vice President Joe Biden.

“Joe Biden makes me laugh,” Maselli said. “He just cracks me up.”

So she mailed Biden a handwritten note last fall asking him to escort her to the Newington High School prom.

“I am inviting you so far in advance because I’m sure many 17-year-old girls send you prom invitations, and I had to beat them to it,” Maselli said in her letter. “I could only tolerate a high school dance if I was to be escorted by the most delightful man in America.”


Maselli, who says she’s interested in politics, considered the invitation a lark and never expected to hear back. A staff member would glance at the note and toss it, she figured.

At about 10 a.m. Thursday, on the eve of the prom, Maselli got a shock. Her doorbell rang, and a deliveryman handed her a wrist corsage. Inside was a handwritten note from Biden.

“I am flattered, but my schedule will not permit me to be in Connecticut on Friday evening,” the vice president said in the note. “But I hope you will accept this corsage and enjoy your prom as much as I did mine.”


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  1. Once again a Democrat reminds people that humans are valuable after birth, not just from conception thereto.

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