Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Common Knowledge

Wow, this is off the rails even for an upstate Florida Republican:

Common Core may not be a well-intentioned set of improved educational standards, as supporters would have you believe, but instead a trojan horse designed to turn every schoolchild in Florida, if not America, gay.

This ominous warning came at an anti-Common Core event in March courtesy of Florida State Rep. Charles Van Zant (R). Speaking at the “Operation Education Conference” in Orlando, Van Zant warned that officials implementing Common Core in Florida are “promoting as hard as they can any youth that is interested in the LGBT agenda.”

Their aim, Van Zant warned, was to “attract every one of your children to become as homosexual as they possibly can.” He then apologized to the crowd for having to be the bearer of bad news. “I really hate to bring you that news,” the Florida Republican said, “but you need to know.”

No, sorry, that’s not from The Onion, more’s the pity.

I hate to break it to you, Mr. Van Zant, but the copy of the LGBT Agenda Monthly that I got when I came out in 1976 didn’t have that in it.  But then, I only got the paperback.  (I hear it’s on Kindle now.)  Some of the topics covered were: “Coordinating Your Accessories,”  “Having The Talk with Mom & Dad,”  “How To Disco Without Sweating” (it was the ’70’s, after all), and “Barbra: The New Judy?”  Nothing about recruiting.  For one thing, the paperwork is a nightmare.

3 barks and woofs on “Common Knowledge

  1. This would be laughable if it weren’t coming from someone (unfortunately) holding public office. The “as homosexual as they possibly can” part really makes me giggle: he must think RuPaul is writing the arts curriculum.

  2. This has the odor of the red scare days of the ’50’s when teachers were suspected of recruiting kids to the Communism. No job felt safe. Stalin under the school desk. Same deal here: win votes by scaring the voters.

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