Saturday, May 10, 2014

Garden Tools

Somehow my old sprayer/nozzle vanished; I think that it either died and I threw it out or it got a better offer from another hose.  Anyway, I stopped by Home Depot last weekend and picked up a new one.  It’s very handy and puts out a spray that really blasts the dirt and schmutz off the patio.

Nozzle 05-10-14

And no, I didn’t buy it because it looks like something you’d pick up at the Miami’s Vice adult bookstore.  But it does.  (Yeah, I’m 12.)

So, what have you got growing in your garden?

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  1. Ugly ugle nozzle, Kiddo. We bought two 25′ ones that are curled up and stay put. We won’t have to struggle to haul them in after each use (not doing that makes the grass bleach out underneath) and they sit and stay politely in place. We love them.

    So now I’m nearly done with the garden beautification. Two bright red geraniums in clay pots at the edge of the concrete pad that serves as a patio; a teak box there, too for the fat round boxwood that gives a certain elegance. There’s now a necklace of a dozen sweet alyssums bordering the front bed of evergreens; herbs and a little white rose in the bed by the front walk; a tall grass plant to hide the air-conditioner and clematis climbing up the privacy fences that separate our villa from the neighbors. We’re working on completion of a bed of hellebores. I’m pooped.

    • P.S. The new watering equipment mentioned above is a pair of hoses, not nozzles although we have those too. Just plain old brass-like nozzles.

      AND a wren is scoping out the birdhouse outside this window. Yipee!

  2. Well, the strawberries are blooming, the asparagus is sending up stalks, the rhubarb is turning red, the raspberries are leafing, and the damn dandelions are plotting to take over! I’ve rechristened them Bundys. As soon as the ground dries out, the veggie plots will be tilled and the peas, beans, cukes, squash, and tomatoes will be planted, probably around Memorial Day.

  3. We actually got 1.7″ of rain last night and the grass is going full bore. We have several cacti blooming at 5-6 ft. tall. Russ planted some sage of all things. The red passion vine is blooming brightly and the roses are going nuts. There must be 8 to 10 roses blooming well and some pansies in planters out front. We have a giant philodendrum trying to grow in the back patio door that we brought from Ohio; that rascal simply loves Texas.

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