Friday, May 30, 2014

How Come No One Believes Them?

RNC Chair Reince Priebus can’t understand why people think the GOP isn’t all about inclusiveness and diversity.

“We’re the party of freedom and we’re the party of opportunity and we’re the party of equality, we’re the ones with that history,” Priebus said in his speech Thursday. “It’s the other side that has a shameful history, but you wouldn’t know it because we don’t talk about it.”

And then he turned the microphone over to Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty.  You remember him: the guy who said that black people had it good under slavery and Jim Crow and that we’d all be better off if we all just accepted Jesus Christ as our personal savior and insurance broker.

Yeah, I can’t understand it either.

One bark on “How Come No One Believes Them?

  1. The history isn’t the problem, Mr Priebus. It’s the now that’s important – and right now your GOP is making Calhoun look like a big-government-loving socialist.

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