Thursday, May 15, 2014

Now He’s A Doctor

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) has already stated that he doesn’t know a lot about earth science (“I’m not a scientist, man”), but that didn’t stop him from holding forth on the subject of climate change.  But now he thinks he’s an M.D. and a specialist in fertilization.

Marco Rubio says pro-choice Democrats who criticize him for doubting man-made climate change should be questioned on why they support abortion when “it’s a proven fact” that “human life begins at conception.”

Okay, let’s indulge in a little unpacking of this clear attempt on the part of Mr. Rubio to distract attention away from the fact that he’s clearly out of his depth when he’s talking about climate change and he is now scrambling to get back on the safe ground of bumper-sticker science (“Oh, look at the Felis catus!”).

First, the term “proven fact” is redundant.  Second, saying “life begins at conception” is deceptive because while an egg and a sperm may join and start another human being through cell division, a new being isn’t on the way until pregnancy begins.  (This is not me, he who had to re-take Grade 10 biology class, saying that.  It’s from a real scientist.)  Pregnancy doesn’t begin until implantation, and that doesn’t happen the instant the egg and the sperm get it on.  One does not necessarily follow the other.  (By the way, the egg and the sperm are both alive when they meet, so your best bet is to say that “life changes at conception.”)

Finally, isn’t it a tad ironic that someone who is quoting science’s “proven facts” about something he agrees with can still harbor doubts about the age of the Earth?  He must have gotten a degree in sycophancy at Psychotic State.

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  1. And every month those tiny eggs (life if you will) get flushed down the drain or – well more than you need to know. Same with the male counterparts. All disappointed in the search for romance. So where are the life protectors then? Send your senator your 10th grade biology book with the “good” pages marked. He needs it.

  2. His degree’s in Poli Sci. Fro U of F (Gainesville), via a couple community colleges and thanks to a football scholarship. So you’re not far off.

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