Thursday, May 22, 2014

Rural v. Urban

House Republicans came up with a plan to take food away from poor urban children this summer.

The proposal, included in the House agriculture budget approved by a subcommittee this week, scales back an anti-hunger school lunch demonstration program set up in 2010 to feed “children in urban and rural areas” during the summer months when they’re on break.

As first reported by Politico’s David Rogers, the GOP bill brings down the $85 million in funding to $27 million and limits the program to only rural kids in Appalachian counties.

In case you missed it, “urban” is a dogwhistle for “minority” because while there are some black folk in Appalachia, most of them are white.

It’s true that rural Appalachia has a unique set of challenges in delivering food to poor and hungry kids: the distances are greater and it costs more for parents to drive their kids to school, where the summer lunches are made available. But it isn’t lost on Democrats that their constituents — many of whom are struggling in poverty — mostly reside in urban areas while rural areas tend to be packed with GOP voters.


“It’s not clear to me if this was a fuck-up or if it was plainly mean-spirited or what happened,” said a House Democratic aide. “But we’re going to work to change it.”

I’ll give the GOP the benefit of the doubt and say it was plainly mean-spirited.

One bark on “Rural v. Urban

  1. Jobs for adults beat “free” lunches every time. Honestly, I don’t think either bunch really cares about the families or the kids – they just gin up their particular brand of crazy voters. (I’m including myself as a “crazy” voter as I will always vote to feed hungry children.) However, I would much prefer to buy pots and pans, clothes, furniture, and appliances made in this country by a bunch of folks who earn enough to feed their kids and pay taxes.

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