Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Shrink Rap

A psychologist who suggested to Fox News that the murderous shooting in California last weekend was triggered by “homosexual impulses” is out of a job as a spokesperson for a real estate company.

Dr. Robi’s comments on the tragedy in Santa Barbara do not represent the opinions of Coldwell Banker. Therefore at this time we feel it best to part ways with her as our lifestyle real estate correspondent.

Cue the wingers’ defense of the First Amendment and her FREEDOM! to be a jerk.  The First Amendment doesn’t apply — Coldwell Banker is a private company, not the government — and if you can’t take responsibility for the consequences of your own words, you probably shouldn’t go on TV and conflate being gay with being a mass murderer and expect to be a “lifestyle real estate correspondent” for much longer.

One bark on “Shrink Rap

  1. What the heck is a “lifestyle real estate correspondent”? Her doctorate should be rescinded. She doesn’t know squat.

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