Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Stop Digging

Sarah Ellison of Vanity Fair interviewed Arthur Sulzberger on the Jill Abramson firing at the New York Times.  He comes across as someone out of his depth and easily rolled by people he should be managing, and the more he tells of the story about what happened, the worse he comes off.

Ironic that a man in the newspaper business gives a really bad interview.

One bark on “Stop Digging

  1. Haven’t read this interview (Vanity Fair makes me gag most of the time) but I have read David Carr defending his paper and the reason for the canning of Abramson. I’ve accepted his reasoning, welcomed it actually. I love the Times and even as a (what used to be called) feminist, I hate knowing that this person, woman or man, left determined to do pay-back. She’s getting all the press she can use now. I hope it subsides so My Paper can settle down and do all the news that’s fit to print.

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