Monday, May 5, 2014

The Clown Car Gets Another Passenger

Wonderful news, everybody.

clown-carGov. Rick Perry of Texas on Sunday sent some of his clearest signals of interest in a 2016 presidential bid, joking wryly about his “botched” run in 2012 but then adding that “I think America is a place that believes in second chances.”


Asked about what many saw as his “botched effort” at running in 2012 — when he was tripped up in part by an agonizing memory lapse during a nationally televised debate — Mr. Perry chuckled and said, “I would tend to agree with them on the botched effort side of it.”

But he went on to talk about “second chances,” and added, “I think that we see more character out of an individual by how do you perform after you fail and you go forward.”

If he’s going to use his last effort as an example of how to proceed, I am all for it.  That one was comedy gold.

One bark on “The Clown Car Gets Another Passenger

  1. Oh, Mr. Perry was entertaining. Maybe we could add Sarah and Michelle to the batch too. We could add Newt, as well and have lots of fun. Meanwhile, let’s hope that the public is smart enough to have their laugh, and vote for the Democrat.

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