Friday, June 27, 2014

But Not For Thee

The Supreme Court ruled yesterday that Massachusetts’ buffer zone law around abortion clinics violated the First Amendment.

“The buffer zones burden substantially more speech than necessary to achieve the Commonwealth’s asserted interests,” wrote Chief Justice John Roberts in the decision, concluding that the law violates the First Amendment. “Petitioners wish to converse with their fellow citizens about an important subject on the public streets and sidewalks — sites that have hosted discussions about the issues of the day throughout history.”

Oddly enough, the Supremes don’t have a problem keeping their fellow citizens away from them.

The Supreme Court, meanwhile, maintains a tight perimeter: “No person shall engage in a demonstration within the Supreme Court building and grounds.”

Supreme Court buffer zone 06-27-14

I think it’s about time someone had a serious conversation with the Court about both irony and hypocrisy.

3 barks and woofs on “But Not For Thee

  1. The have endorsed buffers for protests at military funerals (think Westboro), for themselves, for a number of things. But for people who have shown they are willing to kill people to get their point across? Nothing.

    Frigging hypocrites.

  2. People who protest at clinics aren’t nice little old ladies like the woman who challenged the law. Anti-abortion challengers to the Massachusetts law were canny in their choice of someone to act as plaintiff. She sure fooled Scalia. The rest of the court went along and I’m wondering why Ginsburg did, in particular. We’ll see what comes next.

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