Thursday, June 5, 2014


Dave Weigel at Slate looks at how fast conservatives abandoned Bowe Bergdahl.

The undisputed winner of Twitter today is Matt Binder, a producer at Majority FM who has spend untold minutes/hours digging up tweets from conservatives who called for Bowe Bergdahl to be freed … until he was, and they turned on him.

TPM has a list of Republicans who are scrubbing their Twitter feeds of anything they ever said nice about Bowe Bergdahl.  And it’s all Obama’s fault.

It’s gotten so bad that Bergdhal’s home town of Hailey, Idaho, has cancelled a celebration of his return because of all the hate from the right wingers coming in to the local Chamber of Commerce.

Jane Drussel, the president of the Hailey Chamber of Commerce, has been fielding dozens of angry calls.

“Well, (I feel) disappointment number one, just absolutely total surprise at how bad some of them are,” she told NBC News on Tuesday.

When the news that Bergdahl had been freed from five years of captivity in Afghanistan in exchange for five Taliban commanders broke on Saturday, most reactions were happy, but the nebulous details of how he wound up in enemy hands in 2009 has caused some — both civilians and military — to turn against him and his family.

“Saturday and Sunday were days of rejoicement, we were all so happy that at last after five years, that Bowe had been released,” said Drussel. “Happy for him and happy for his parents who we lived with day in and day out and saw the hurt and the weariness from the venture of trying to get their son released.”

“All these five years, never a word of any negative nature whatsoever. And now, after two days, I was shocked when late at night, watching (TV) I started seeing the dragon’s head roar. Comments that are just off the wall.”

Talk about leaving a man behind on the battlefield…