Tuesday, June 3, 2014

12 barks and woofs on “Question of the Day

  1. Back in teenage days it was peanut butter, brown sugar and banana.

    A half century later it is a ham and cheese croissant.

  2. White bread buttered, peanut butter on one slice, Hellman’s on the other, lettuce between. Yum. If I’m eating lunch out I’ll order an egg salad sandwich with extra mayo. I had an old friend who said she wanted to be buried in Green Park in London in a Hellman’s Mayonnaise jar. Not a bad idea.

  3. Everybody likes peanut butter! I have 2 favorites: PB and banana, and toasted cheese with tomato slices.

  4. Depends on the availability of a good Jewish deli and since those are now extinct in my part of the woods… cheese steak from a Greek restaurant or a “proper” gyro (that means the meat on the spit – not that pre-sliced frozen stuff). If I’m making the sandwich at home it will be bacon, lettuce, and tomato.

    • and come Thanksgiving, maybe a turkey club with a slice of Butternut Squash pie for dessert

      • A gentleman after my own heart as well as someone who knows how really good butternut squash pie is! Butternut squash pie destroys pumpkin pie forever.

    • Molasses bread… I’ve never had that but it sounds interesting and inviting. Do you make your own or is it available from a bakery in your neighborhood?

  5. Restaurant here in NOLA has what they call “The Peacemaker”: fried oysters, bacon, and cheddar cheese on french bread with mayo, lettuce, and tomato. Pretty good.

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