Friday, June 27, 2014

Short Takes

Droning on in Iraq: Political leaders are looking for someone to replace the current prime minister.

Syria: President Obama requests $500 million for rebels.

SCOTUS: The Court ruled against President Obama’s recess appointments and struck down abortion clinic buffer zones.

Arizona firefighter families sue over deaths.

End of the road for India’s iconic Ambassador automobile.

R.I.P. Howard Baker, 88, former Republican Senator from Tennessee.  Classy guy who couldn’t get nominated in the G.O.P. today.

The Tigers swept the Rangers 6-0 and extend their streak to seven wins.

One bark on “Short Takes

  1. May I note a personal connection to the Ambassador, that ugly white ubiquitous vehicle seen everywhere in India? The Khan brothers who sold me my two Volvos are immigrants from India and their father was a dealer in the iconic car. He was able to send all his sons to college in the USA. Those were the days when you had to wait five years to buy one. Nice.

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