Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Party of Sedition and Cop Killing

A “sovereign citizen” shot a BLM agent, and a county in Utah tries to run the agency out of town.  Just another day in paranoia paradise.

Charlie Pierce nails the people responsible for empowering this madness.

It is time for the political elite in the country to force the choice, once and for all. It is time for the people who care about this country to shun these people, and the politicians who empower them, and the media superstars who pander to their worst instincts, and to the political ideas that have proven themselves to be, over and over again, the most dangerous in the country’s history. It’s time for Boehner, and Priebus, and entire Republican political apparatus publicly to renounce secessionism, and nullification, and the idea that we are now — or are dangerously on the brink of—tyranny, if the word has any meaning at all. That means reading the people who promote this stuff out of your party, whether they are members of Congress or state legislators, or members of the state and national committees. That means depriving of your presence any media member who trafficks in this perilous foolishness, and punishing those Republicans who decline to do the same.

Or you can be the party of sedition and cop-killing.

Your choice.

Clock’s ticking.