Saturday, June 14, 2014

Wrong Again, John McCain

Chris Hayes recalls all the times that John McCain was right about the war in Iraq, or anything else.  Which means never.

John McCain told President Obama to fire his national security staff.  Seriously, who is going to take personnel advice from the guy who thought Sarah Palin was vice presidential material?

Charlie Pierce:

We are going to hear about making sure that those Americans did not “die in vain.” In fact, as it turns out, they did. They died because the people who sent them to war without the proper equipment and under false pretenses, and the people who encouraged the war itself, like John McCain, who seriously doesn’t know what he’s talking about and hasn’t for years, did not have a plan. They had fantasies. These soldiers died so that Washington neocons could live out their dream of a purgative war of civilizations. These soldiers died because there was oil that people in this country, and around the world, wanted. These soldiers died so that the likes of Richard Cheney could continue to infest the corridors of power, and so that his worthless daughter could continue to have a gig. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians died for all the same reasons. If we forget all that in our attempt to salvage our Iraqi misadventure, and if we allow the architects of that misadventure to use the current crisis to rehabilitate their crimes and malfeasance, then thousands more people will die in vain.

Wait a minute. Look at Cheney and the rest of the bloody-handed bunch who wanted this unfolding cataclysm because it would make them rich and justify their limitless appetite for the purchase of power in the coin of other people’s blood.

I made a mistake. All those people — American soldiers and Iraqi civilians — did not die in vain. They died for vanity, which is even a greater national sin.