Saturday, July 5, 2014

Fifth of July

Fifth of July is not just a date, it’s a play by Lanford Wilson. It opened off-Broadway in 1978, then, after some revision, on Broadway in 1980. It’s also the play that was the starting point of my doctoral studies and the subject of my doctoral thesis in 1988.

In 1985 I directed a production of the play at the Nomad Theatre in Boulder with a great cast.

Fifth of July Nomads March 1985

The cast of Fifth of July at Nomads Theatre, Boulder, Colorado, March 1985

In the course of my studies I became friends with Mr. Wilson, and the director of the productions, Marshall W. Mason. So ever since then, I have marked the 5th of July as a special day for me and my love of theatre.

“Matt didn’t believe in death and I don’t either…. There’s no such thing. It goes on and then it stops. You can’t worry about the stopping, you have to worry about the going on.” – Sally Talley, Fifth of July.

Speaking of theatre, last night was the opening of the Miami 1-Acts Festival at New Theatre where my play Last Exit was a part of the program.  I was very happy with the performances by Hector Dominik and Gabriel Bonilla and grateful to director Jerry Jensen for his nuanced interpretation of the play.

Hector, Jerry, and Gabriel

Hector, Jerry, and Gabriel

There’s one more performance of the play tomorrow evening.