Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hey, It Worked For Mitt Romney

TPM has the video of Colorado GOP nominee for governor Bob Beauprez doing the 47% bit.

It’s not precisely the same as the original Mitt version. But it’s close. And in some ways goes in still new directions. The video appears to be from 2010. He generally describes the fat and happy poors among us who are “perfectly happy that somebody else is paying the bill and most of that half is you all.” “I submit to you that there is a political strategy to get slightly over half and have a permanent ruling majority by keeping over half of the population dependent on the largess of government that somebody else is paying for.”

Since it’s from 2010, it could be argued that Mr. Romney got the idea from Mr. Beauprez.

2 barks and woofs on “Hey, It Worked For Mitt Romney

  1. I submit that we “poor guys”, we “dependents”, we the 47% are paying the freight for the fat cats and corporations that are avoiding taxes altogether. So who’s sucking the government teat? And by the way, the largest recipient of largess is Mississippi where politicians denounce government spending.

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