Monday, July 28, 2014


Winston Churchill said “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”  That certainly has been the attitude among the various Democratic PAC’s and campaign committees ever since Speaker Boehner announced he was going to sue the president and the Orcosphere started tossing around impeachment.  My e-mail inbox has been flooded with missives from “Nancy Pelosi” to “Michelle Obama” with screaming subject lines about IMPEACHMENT! and HELP! in an attempt to get me to donate money to them.  I read them, I chuckle, and hit Delete.

It’s not that I’m not sympathetic to their plight; every political group wants money from like-minded donors, and the keeper of a liberal blog is an obvious target.  But I can’t help but think this whole scenario was dreamed up by fund-raising types on both sides.  The Republicans, naturally, are continuing their never-ending battle to deny the black president a second term, and the Democrats know that every time someone on the right says something stupid they can raise money off it.  They both have lots of pigeons to pluck.

What’s ironic about this latest campaign to get my money is that for all the scary headlines about Speaker Boehner and the road to impeachment is that the White House is positively delighted that it’s being talked about, even to the point that one of their top aides, Dan Pfeiffer, floated it out there so that it would get attention.  They know how well impeaching Bill Clinton went for the Republicans in 1998, and it would be a huge gift to the Democrats if the Republicans actually tried it now.

Not only is the White House not afraid of impeachment, they want it with candy and stripper.  It would solidify the disparate Democratic base, it would put the right-wing nutsery out there in all their 3-D Technicolor glory, and the cash would pour into the Democratic campaign coffers from people who think that the GOP could actually pull it off.  Hence the spam with cheese in my in-box.

But I’m hip to the game so I’ll continue to hit Delete.

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  1. Well I’ve also done the delete bit, constantly twice three times a day …..until just now. My inbox had a message from the big guy himself. “He” wrote to me personally saying that I’d heard from Biden, I’d heard from Michelle and since I never responded he was taking on my case. Who could resist. I used ActBlue to send him my paltry bit which surely will put them over the top, of which top I’m not certain. Now I won’t feel guilty about deleting until the next “crisis” arrives at which point I will probably cave again. Such a sucker.

  2. FC, I got the same e-mail. I get so many of them! Can they understand that out here in the heartland funds are limited! What are they going to impeach him for anyway, they have nothing!

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