Sunday, July 27, 2014

On This Date

Ten years ago today Barack Obama walked onto the national stage at the Democratic convention in Boston.

For all his soaring rhetoric masterfully delivered, his statement that we are one America was woefully wishful.  In fact, you could make the case that he made it worse; not because of anything he did but simply because of who he is.  There is still a Red America and a Blue America and plenty of grifters and haters who depend on it being so.

3 barks and woofs on “On This Date

  1. I daresay that it is his talent and prominence that has ripped the scab off the racist Right: for all the talk of equality and the diminishing need for civil rights and affirmative action, the single defining moment of the Reichwing was when they woke up one November morning and suddenly a Blah Person was President. Prior to that (as we have seen) we could have a complete incompetent in the WH and he’d be just fine by them because he was white. Now that TABMITWH, the veneer of civility is pulled away from the racists and we can watch them lose their s#!t on national television.

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