Thursday, July 31, 2014

Road To Oblivion

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) is thinking about running for president but won’t decide until after the mid-terms.

Not that he would take my advice, but if I sincerely were to offer it, I would tell him not to even try.  He didn’t help Mitt Romney as his VP candidate in 2012 and aside from the fact he’s not particularly ugly, he offers nothing in new ideas or dynamics than your average TV infomercial huckster.

He would also seal his reputation as a minor blip on the screen up against such luminaries as Ted Cruz, Chris Christie, and Rand Paul in the never-ending saga of GOP debates.  He would come across as the sensible and mild-mannered one, and that’s not what the Republican base is looking for in a president.  They want bat-shit crazy, and he doesn’t cut it in that department.

The cynic in me says go ahead and run, Paul, run.  It’d be fun to watch his campaign sputter and crater.

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