Friday, July 18, 2014

Run Away

After a day like yesterday, it’s really tempting to just find some quiet little shady spot on a beach and hide from all the turmoil.

I thought you might like a little break.

2 barks and woofs on “Run Away

  1. Please. No where to turn, I can’t read the news or listen to teevee. The migrant children and the cruelty that greets them in so many white towns, the lies of the Kremlin, the fact that the passengers on that plane were headed to an international AIDS conference, pity for poor Malaysian airlines, pity for Gaza, the screaming crowds that threaten reporters on CNN, the hypocritical politicians blocking progress in DC, the mega-typhoon battering China. Where are you going to hide your head, MB? Under the sheets?

    • Sombrero Beach on Marathon in the Keys. If I’m not back by Thursday, there’s a ham sandwich in my safe deposit box.

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