Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sorry, Cleveland

When I was a kid growing up near Toledo in the 1960’s, there would be times when the city was the butt of jokes and even a song or two that made fun of it.  My friends and I would console ourselves by saying, “Hey, at least we’re not in Cleveland.”

Back then it was “The Mistake on the Lake,” known for its crumbling industries, the river that caught fire, and a lousy baseball team.  But in the last few decades the city has bounced back.  It landed the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and even though the football team had some ups and downs, they’re not the losers they once were.  The city is looking good.

But now they’ve gone and landed the 2016 Republican convention.  The whackos and shouters will descend on them and emerge with some soul-crushing ticket that will flail and wail about whatever bats have gotten into their belfry at the time — the imagination reels — and Cleveland will have to smile bravely and welcome them and the rest of the clown cars.

One bark on “Sorry, Cleveland

  1. There’s Red Ohio and Blue Ohio. The Reds mostly live in the farm counties and along the Ohio River to the south. The Blue territory stretches from Toledo to the west and Cleveland and Akron to the east, all along the Lake Erie shoreline. That’s why this part of Ohio got gerrymandered so it would be isolated and this is why the voting issues – long lines and too few voting booths – erupted in the last election. But the Blues brought the state into Obama’s pocket even as it maintained a Republican legislature and Governor. For the GOP to choose Cleveland as the spot for their convention shows how confident they are that Ohio will go Red from shore to riverbank. But as an island in deep blue country it also makes it an easy target for perfect picketing and turmoil (remember Chicago?) and I suspect the Democratic Party has a plan or two.

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