Saturday, July 19, 2014

To A Dog, You’re Family. To A Cat, You’re Staff

I’ve been given the sincere honor of house-sitting Benjamin and Madam while Bob and the OP are traveling for a few days.  We live very close to each other so it’s merely a matter of moving a few things like my laptop, and actually it’s closer to work than my place.

Anyway, it’s taking a little getting used to the new routine.  It’s been almost exactly twelve years since Sam died, but the programming kicked in; last night as we were taking our after-dinner walk around the block, more than once I prompted Ben to move along to the next bush by saying, “C’mon, Sam…”

The first time I did it I didn’t even think of what I had said until it dawned on me that I had said it.  I had a “Whoa” moment, smiled at the memories of taking Sam on his walks, and then, a few minutes later, did it again.  The good thing is that Ben did not notice.

We’re getting along fine, but as you can see by the picture I took before I moved in yesterday, he seemed to have his doubts.

Ben 07-18-14

All is well, now.  He slept in his bed and this morning we followed the set routine.  He’s at my feet now, patiently waiting for our morning stroll.

On the other hand, Madam the cat is tolerating me… barely.  I’m told she’s very affectionate once she gets to know you, but that’s not happened yet.  She’s showed up at feeding time, and last night after I got into bed, she came and looked to see who was sleeping in her bed.  She purred loudly but spent the night elsewhere, and after breakfast she disappeared to wherever it is that cats hang out.  I think they have a secret hiding place designated in each house in the Feline Master Plan to Rule the World.

I’m looking forward to getting to know Ben better, and I am sure I will soon be doing Madam’s bidding.  In fact, I see the glare of her eyes from across the room.  Coming, Your Grace….