Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Welcome to America

Tea Partiers put out the welcome wagon.

Three buses carrying 140 undocumented immigrants are heading back to San Diego County after being met by angry protesters at the Murrieta Border Patrol facility Tuesday afternoon.

The group was flown from Texas to San Diego Tuesday morning and quickly boarded buses bound for the facility. They arrived in Murrieta shortly after 2 p.m.

News Channel 3 and CBS Local 2 were in Murrieta for their arrival.

A group of protesters waving American Flags actually blocked the buses from entering the Border Patrol facility. Residents were lining the street early Tuesday morning with signs, one of which read, ‘Return to Sender’.

After the protesters intervened, the buses turned around and drove away from the facility. Our crew at the scene confirmed the buses are on their way back to San Diego County.

Unless that mob was made up of Native Americans, the only chant they should have been shouting was “We got here first!”

HT to LGM.

One bark on “Welcome to America

  1. I am currently in Ohio and just now getting up to speed. Been driving two days with a dog and a cat who both got sick. So, I live in Cameron County Texas where a great many of these people are showing up. I am skeptical that these children are making a thousand miles or more trip by themselves to the US border without being there some kind of covert scheme afoot. A four year old child makes it there by themselves? Something else is going on here. These people have been showing up for months, and they come straight across the bridges basically asking for political asylum. I am still waiting for a sure reason about what is going on and I am not satisfied with current news reports and I have heard several different angles.

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