Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Winning The Unpopular Vote

It seems that if the election for Florida governor were held today, the voters would rather chose a Burmese python than either Rick Scott or Charlie Crist.

Via FiveThirtyEight:

Both Crist and Scott hold negative net favorable ratings (the percentage of people with a favorable view minus the percentage with a negative view). No other gubernatorial campaign in the country currently features such bipartisan disdain. Thirteen races for governor have had at least one live interview poll that asked about candidate images since the beginning of May. Among the candidates in those races, the average net favorable rating is just over +10 percentage points, compared to the -4 points in Florida.


One bark on “Winning The Unpopular Vote

  1. There is another candidate who has, unfortunately, been marginalized by the FDP and its cohorts. The fact that Nan Rich is a woman with experience as a state representative state senator and long time Democratic activist has not weighed in their conduct. Also, the party is not supposed to support any candidate who has an opponent until after the primary voters decided who will be the candidate, emphasis on primary voters. Well, what goes around comes around.

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