Thursday, July 10, 2014

You Know They’re Thinking It

The cat’s out of the bag.

In Waukesha, Wisconsin today, a group of business leaders held a press conference to press Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform. The event was part of a so-called National Day of Action for Immigration Reform – coordinated by various groups including the US Chamber of Commerce and Mike Bloomberg’s Partnership for a new economy. But things got kinda of weird when a local developer named Dagoberto Ibarra got up to make an impassioned speech which ended with him say “”I’m not seeing anybody doing anything. This is the most useless Congress in the last eight years, because a n—-r is in charge.”

Presumably the climate of fun for all came to a rather screeching halt with Ibarra’s invocation of the N-word.

Ibarra first denied making the statement, which seems kind of hard since he apparently said it at a news conference. He then apologized and said he “was making a reference to what Republicans say.”

Like it’s a big secret.

One bark on “You Know They’re Thinking It


    And now it’s in the press.

    I’m not sure Ibarra should be apologizing; paraphrasing all the whinging about “legitimacy”, “birth certificates”, “one term President” and the rest down to the base level seems perfectly defensible. The “n-word” may be ugly – but the majority who are squirming at its use here are the ones thinking it when they’re using every word but that.

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