Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Annals of the Truly Desperate

If you’re in a Senate race you have no hope of winning, I guess it doesn’t hurt to throw everything you can because, hey, why not?

That’s the case with Allen Weh who is running against Tom Udall (D) in New Mexico.

The masked man who beheaded journalist James Foley appears in a web video created in support of New Mexico Republican Senate candidate Allen Weh.

The ad, released by the New Mexico Republican Party, is a combination of clips of President Barack Obama golfing and smiling paired with violence. The video also features Weh’s opponent, Sen. Tom Udall (D-NM).

Halfway through the one-minute video a still shot of Foley’s not-yet-identified killer is displayed for a few seconds. Foley’s image does not appear in the video, just the image of the jihadist, holding a knife.

Text at the end of the video reads “to change Washington, you must change your Senator.”

Mr. Weh must figure the only way anyone will pay him any attention is by pointing out how truly exploitative and despicable he can be.