Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Election Results

I voted in the Florida primary yesterday.  The polling place is in the parish hall of a local church, so I parked and walked across the parking lot, through the throngs of campaign workers handing out cards and leaflets, and I was swarmed by candidates.  I haven’t had that much attention since I did mail-call at camp.

I was approached by the incumbent county commission candidate who has a reputation as being very conservative.  She was all smiles until I asked her about her stand on marriage equality. The smile became fixed and she replied that it wasn’t her issue.  “Sure it is,” I replied.  “I live in this county. You’re making decisions about my life. I want to know where you stand on it.”  She responded with something along the lines of Ralph Kramden’s “Hamana-hamana-hamana-hamana….” and then “It’s not my issue” again.  “I am pro-life,” she offered. I said, “Okay, that’s got nothing to do with marriage equality.” More hamana-hamana, until she finally came up with “Live and let live, I don’t care what other people do.”  “So,” I said, “If the courts overturned the ban on same-sex marriage, you’d have no problem with that?”  Shrug.  “Not my issue.”

Hm.  According to SAVE Dade, the local marriage-equality organization, she’s virulently anti-marriage-equality. I smiled politely, said “Thanks,” and proceeded to the polling station.  I voted for the other candidate.

Yes, it is a legitimate question to ask every candidate in every race.  If they don’t believe in my fundamental right to marry whom I wish regardless of genitalia, then I’m a second-class citizen to them, and they have no business controlling my government.

By the way, she lost.

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